Michael Pennington, owner of Fantasy Finishes Inc., has been providing artistic services & photo realistic faux finishes to the building trades, and high-end residential clients since 1985. 

Faux Marble, Stone, Wood graining, Italian Plaster, Murals & Trompe l'oeil.

Faux marble samples painted to match smaller, real pieces.


Saint Andrews Church, Pasadena, California.

Northridge earthquake damage repair to scagliola columns in sanctuary. 

Concrete substrate, and colored plaster visible before adhering saved portion.

Newly glued piece with fiberglass reinforced filler to replace profile, sanded and ready for painting. 

Final effect complete with clear coat surrounding repair area. 

Other columns needing repair at Saint Andrew's, Pasadena, California.

Another successful resolution to a difficult problem by:                                               Fantasy Finishes Inc.                             206 898-1275                                                www.ipaintwithsound@gmail.com 

Seattle, Washington, Saint James Cathedral Rectory, 

Water Damaged Faux Cherry Restoration,

Matching graining originally installed in 1928.

Left side door frame original wood graining damaged by serious water leak from floors above. 

Upper frame wood graining discolored permanently by water leak.

Lower right door frame wood graining ruined by water leak from above. 

Enamel base color required to reproduce original cherry wood graining.

Finished wood graining done to match original installation by Fantasy Finishes Inc.                         

Please contact us for a free quote:

206 898-1275  ipaintwithsound@gmail.com 

Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Seattle.  Faux marble, gold leaf, wood-staining

on four concrete columns, and an iron, wood, and fiberboard ambo. 

Sandblasted design with auto-body filler to create a base for realistic faux marble.

Base color and first glaze layer application.

Finished installation of Faux Marble to match altar top, and 24K gold. 

Close up of gold leaf and faux marble.


Iron and wood ambo before any finishes were applied. 

Base color and first marble glaze application. 

Final effect complete, faux marble, 24K gold leaf, and English oak wood stain ready for installation in sanctuary.

Detail of Holy Eucharist wrought iron ambo. 

Sample Surfaces:

Faux Encarnato Marble 

Faux Blue Flake Granite

Fantasy Finishes Inc.    206 898-1275             ipaintwithsound@gmail.com 

Faux Lapis Lazuli with 24K Gold

Faux Onyx

Faux Norway Rose Marble

Pink and blue Italian plaster with gold and blue pearlescent glaze.


Four color Italian plaster with blue glaze

Faux Carpathian Elm Burl

Faux Leopardo Marble

Faux Serpentine Marble

Faux Sicilian Pink Marble

 Faux Pickle Pine

Four Color Italian Plaster

Faux Encarnato Marble

Earthtone Four Color Italian Plaster 

Wax Resist Four Color Italian Plaster

Typical Italian Plaster with Glaze


Fantasy Finishes Inc.

206 898-1275


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