Various Fireplace Projects: 1990 to 2011

Before photo of another artist's rendition of faux marble. 

Faux Rosa Levanto executed by Michael Pennington. 

Client's sample on right I used to create final effect. 

Concrete fireplace destined to resemble French limestone. 

Final effect with sample tile I used to create faux limestone. 

Silver leaf mantle in West Seattle. 

Silver leaf detail, ready for new wallpaper. Completed 2009. 

French revolution era limestone fireplace, stain removal & color correction for client. Completed 2001.

Preliminary framing for Italian plaster fireplace, Kirkland, Washington. 

Concrete and gyp board substrate ready for fantasy finish. 

Substrate prepared for lime slake plaster application. 

Final effect complete, client's family room fireplace ready for use. Completed 2011

Cast concrete hearth and mantle before faux limestone effect.

Final faux limestone fireplace ready for client's usage.

Left side detail, completed 1994.

Columns and frame also rendered in faux limestone, Miro painting above mantle.

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