Interior Decoration and Custom Finishes on Furniture and Drums

1950's vintage walnut desk customized with analine dyes, 24K gold leaf, black & clear coat in catalyzed lacquer. Completed 2011.


Paul Masson winery chateau faux marble perimeter seating. Completed 1988.


Custom table painted cement gray and damaged by movers. I was given some fabric swatches and allowed to render it as I thought best. Completed 1988.  

Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, restaurant with domed ceiling gilding. Completed 1999.

Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , Beverly Hills, Calif., sky ceiling mural, completed 1999.


Kauai Lagoons Masters Restaurant, Westin Kauai Hotel. Columns in Napoleon Mochet faux marble. Completed 1987.



Numerous door frames and trim done in faux marble, completed 1994. 

Vintage Slingerland Drums

Restored and veneered with African Padauk, for inclusion with my percussive ensemble. Comp. 2009.

1950's vintage walnut desk, redone to match African padauk by using yellow and red analine dyes, 24K gold detailing, with black and clear satin pre-cat lacquer.


One off custom table created by Victor DiNovi and Michael Pennington. Completed 1990.


Black faux marble table, completed 1989.



 Finished ceiling showing gold leafed domes and sky mural at Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Completed 1999.


One of four columns completed for The Outrigger Prince Kuhio Hotel, Honolulu, Hi. Completed 1989.

(Left), detail of Tinos green faux marble column base, done for the Hemmeter Development Corporation offices, Honolulu, Hi. completed 1988.

 Sea Tac Hilton Hotel, Spencer's restaurant sky mural ceiling, completed 1999.

 28,000 sq. ft. home in Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. completed 1994.

24" and 20" maple bass drum shells, ready to be veneered.

24" bass drum being covered with padauk veneer.

Finished padauk veneered shells, ready for drilling and re-assembly.

Vintage, now one of a kind drum set ready for installation in the studio.

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