High end residential wall and ceiling color matches and complete installations.

     Matching existing wall finish by another artist on ceiling for architect in 2001. 



Solid concrete wall, taped off (upper left) and painted to resemble limestone blocks with shadows and highlights (lower left.)

Copper metallic entry and two sides of 24K gold leaf door, done for designer on Cher Bono's Benedict Canyon home. Photo (upper left), shows entry after copper metallic stage. Application of gold leaf, (above and interior lower left), and Egyptian exterior (below), Completed 1995.




Box beams on ceiling in den painted to match walnut bookshelves and trim. 


Wood graining in high end residence in Montecito, California. Completed 1998.

Carpathian burl insert (left), was matched on metal speaker mesh (right). Somewhat difficult, but not impossible. Flash from camera washed out color, making photo slightly yellower than actual painting.

Prehistoric ceiling mural in Montecito, California home. Completed 1996.

Statuary Restorations in Seattle, Washington

Antique German statuary restored to resemble the children of owner. Completed in 2000.


Carousel horse restoration matching colors of Persian carpet and palomino breed. Completed 1999.


Street of Dreams show home in Sammamish, Washington. Powder room in two color waxed Italian plaster, completed 2006.

Yellow ocre wall glaze over white substrate, completed 2007.

Two color wall glaze in master bath, completed 2007.

Yellow base with two color waxed Italian plaster, completed 2007.

Same project as above, different view.

Victorian column restoration with 24K gold leaf capitals, San Francisco, Ca. Completed 1994.

Priming and filling of 100 year old wood columns.

Finished serpentine faux marble and 24K gold columns (left side)

Metallic gold base color prior to gold leafing.


Right side view of same. 

Painted Ladies Calendar, featuring my project. San Francisco, California. Completed 1994


Faux limestone block book cases with trompe l'oeil moulding to match mantle. Montecito, Ca. Comp. 1998.

Antique Spanish leather wall glaze.

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